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Band Members:  Shaun Lopez — Guitar Jonah Matranga — Vocals Chris Robyn — Drums John Gutenberger — Bass Vagrant Records is proud to announce that far has signed to the label. The recently reunited quartet is currently wrapping up their fifth full-length release in The Airport studio in Southern California with producer and guitarist Shaun Lopez at the helm and an early spring release date is expected.  «We had no idea all this would happen,» says vocalist Jonah Matranga. «We were just planning on getting to know each other again and playing a few shows, in between everything else we’ve got going on. But now, all of a sudden, the songs are coming, and it feels really good. All we’ve ever promised as people and as a band is that whatever we put out, whenever we come around, we’re gonna mean it.» Matranga adds, «Vagrant is a label that has been smart, hard-working and great to their bands for years and years now. They know where we come from and what we’ve always been about, which helps a lot. We feel really lucky to be working with them.» far got their start in Sacramento in the early ‘90’s and released four full-length albums before disbanding in 1998 – the same year that Water & Solutions was released – an album that Alternative Press magazine named as one of the most influential records of 1998
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