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Homegrown may refer marijuana grown for personal use. It may also refer to:

In film:
Homegrown (film), a 1998 movie starring Billy Bob Thornton

In music:
Homegrown (Neil Young album), an unreleased 1975 album by Neil Young, including a song of the same name
Another version of the song from the 1977 album American Stars 'N Bars
Homegrown (Dodgy album), a 1995 album by the British group Dodgy
Home Grown (album), a 1998 album by American Alt country group Blue Mountain
Homegrown (XTC album), a 2001 demo album by the British group XTC
Homegrown (UB40 album), a 2003 album by the British group UB40
Homegrown (New Zealand Idol album), a 2004 album featuring songs performed by New Zealand Idol contestants
Home Grown! The Beginners Guide to Understanding The Roots, Vol. 1 & 2, 2005 compilation albums by the American hip-hop group The Roots
Homegrown, Cape Town based drum and bass event.
Homegrown Music Festival, a local music showcase in Duluth, Minnesota, US
Homegrown Music Festival (New Zealand), a festival of Kiwi music in Wellington, New Zealand
Home Grown, an American rock band formed in 1994

In theater:
Homegrown (play), a play about visiting a "homegrown" terrorist suspect
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