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ohGr is a band formed by Nivek Ogre, of Skinny Puppy, and musician/engineer Mark Walk. Although the pedigree of the group's members might suggest otherwise, early ohGr releases differed in sound to its related industrial bands, drawing more on hip-hop and electro-pop influences, incorporating more conventional structures and a lighter tone. However, from Devils In My Details onwards, ohGr has taken to a more abrasive, non-linear flavour of electronica.


The band was officially formed in 2001, although the material for the first album, Welt dates back to the mid-nineties, having been held up due to legal trouble with American Recordings. W.E.L.T. was actually originally the title of the group (an acronym of "When Everyone Learns Truth"), until it was discovered that in the interval it had been taken by a Californian punk band. Al Jourgensen was also originally involved (who had the then band's name tattooed in anticipation of the project), and only one track he collaborated on has been leaked to the public, titled "Noreen". The music of that song later became industrial metal group Ministry's "The Fall", on their 1996 album Filth Pig.


The band toured in 2001 to support the release of their debut album Welt; the live band consisted of Nivek Ogre, Tim Skold (bass), cEvin Key (drums and keyboards), Loki der Quaeler (keyboards), and William Morrison (guitar). 2003 saw the release of a follow up, SunnyPsyOp (a play on the phrase "sunny side up" and military PsyOps). There were initially plans to tour for SunnyPsyOp, with Ministry in a festival type arrangement. These plans fell through, although much of the material from the second album had already been played live on the Welt tour.


ohGr has released three promotional videos, all directed by William Morrison. The first was a stop-motion creation for the track "Cracker". The second was a live performance of "Minus", filmed by Michael Condo at several venues from the 2001 tour. The third was for "MaJiK", from the second album; this also employed stop-motion, and was a collaboration with artist Thomas Kuntz. "Cracker" and "MaJiK" have both been played occasionally on MTV2 and Fuse. All three have been available through ohGr's website, and "MaJiK" appeared on the audio CD for SunnyPsyOp, albeit with some serious technical glitches.

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ohGr's third album titled Devils in my Details was released on October 17, 2008 in Germany [1], October 20 in the United Kingdom, and October 21 in the United States.[2] ohGr toured in support of the album release during the autumn of 2008.[3] At Comic-Con 2008, Ogre announced that Bill Moseley will be contributing to the new ohGr album, as a result of them becoming friends through Repo! The Genetic Opera. It was tentatively revealed in a chat with the band that an album of B-sides from Devils in my Details (entitled "D-Sides") and an album of unreleased material from the 1990s (entitled "Dfault") was due to be released.[4] In October 2009 a link to www.wdihtf.com appeared on Skinny Puppy's website. When users sign up to the mailing list they receive a link to the song COLLIDOSKOPE which starts with many different voices saying "Welcome to Collidoskope".

Studio albums
Welt (March 20, 2001)
SunnyPsyOp (July 1, 2003)
Devils in my Details (November 4–5, 2008)
Undeveloped (May 10, 2011)
Cracker (CD single, includes Quicktime video for Cracker, 2001)
Cracker/Pore (limited release clear vinyl single, May 2001)
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