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Patent Pending is a pop punk band from Mt. Sinai, New York. The band has been together since 2001 and has played hundreds of shows all across the United States. They have played with many bands, including Taking Back Sunday, Motion City Soundtrack, Catch 22, MC Lars, Cobra Starship, Suburban Legends, Gym Class Heroes, and Family Force 5. They are currently on tour with Bowling for Soup and Jet Lag Gemini
Biography Beginnings
Patent Pending started out as a Ska punk band in 2000 with Joe Ragosta, Steve Chirichella, and Josh Bolt. In 2001, Chirichella and Bolt left, and were replaced by Michael Ragosta, Anthony Mingoia, and Drew Buffardi. The band started out playing in people's backyards, church basements, and any place that people would let them play. The band added sax player, Pat Cauchi, in 2002. Before being signed, the band shifted their focus to pop punk when Cauchi quit the band in order to become a deep sea fisherman.
Local success
Patent Pending started to gain a local following known as the P-UNIT (a play on G-Unit). After attracting local attention, the band played hundreds of shows across the country. They have played a good number of shows at Calvary Lutheran Church Basement in East Meadow, New York and the Sherman theater in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. They have a large fan base around the NY-PA-NJ music scenes.
Getting signed
In 2005, We Put Out Records signed Patent Pending. Later that year, the band recorded Save Each Other, the Whales Are Doing Fine at Big Blue Meanie Studios in Hoboken, New Jersey, with Joseph A. Pedulla producing. The album was released in 2006. After the release of the album the band continued to gain popularity and play bigger shows. They have since left «WPO» for bigger and better things.
Attack Of The Awesome
In 2009, after many legal troubles, the band finally released their long awaited EP, «Attack of the Awesome». Not long after the Long Island CD release show, it was then announced through an official webisode that lead singer Michael Ragosta was leaving Patent Pending to focus on a new musical project called This Good Robot as well as a career in writing comic books. It was also announced that Joe Ragosta will be taking over as the lead singer. It is unknown whether or not the band will search for a second guitarist.
Marc Across America
On, 2007, guitarist Marc Kantor began riding his bicycle from Levittown, New York to San Diego, California. His mission was to help raise money and awareness for The American Heart Association. A portion of the proceeds were also donated to the Rhiannon Chloe Foundation, a foundation started to help children in need with leukemia. He successfully completed this on, 2007.
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