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Takida, a five piece rock band from Ånge, Sweden, started out in 1999 and they have worked hard to get where they are today. They have been touring all around Sweden and built quite a reputation as a solid live rockband. Their fanbase is growing as we speak. Their first demo Old was only produced in 500 copies and sold out immediately, Old was recorded in year 2000. It was followed up by the EP T2 (2000), the full length album Takida (2001), the ep Gohei (2003) and the ep Thorns (2004). These 4 EP’s and one album has sold over astonishing 10,000 copies together, much thanks to many successful gigs that lead to an increased popularity. Takida were also included on the rock collection Played Out Vol. 1 (2000) with the tracks It’s a sin and Jaded and on Played Out Vol. 2 (2002) with the tracks One Of A Kind and Evil Eye They were picked up by the local indie rock label Ninetone Records in 2005 and the first single Losing from the album …Make You Breathe was released in January and peaked at second place on the Swedish singles chart and was the most played song on swedens largest alternative rock radio channel, Bandit rock. The album …Make You Breathe was released on the fifth of April 2006 and peaked at nr. 7 on the album charts and one nr. 1 on the hard rock charts. The album later turned out to be the best selling hard rock album in Sweden 2006. Their first single Losing was followed up with the (unofficial) singles Jaded and Reason To Cry. The album remained on the Hard Rock charts for 136weeks. However it only lasted on the general charts for ten weeks. They began writing new material for their sophomore album Bury The Lies in late 2006 and the first single off the album Halo was released on march 23rd, the track did not make it big and never entered the singles charts. The album was released on May 16th and peaked as number one on the swedish album charts. The second single off the album Curly Sue was the first song by Takida to make the the tracks list and peaked on 1st place and remained there for 10 straight weeks, and accomplishment that has only been done by Celine Dion and Bryan Addams before, the track did however beat the longevity record on the chart. The track also made it into the Swedish singles charts peaking at Nr. 1 and is on its 43’rd week on the chart. Bury The Lies was an enourmous breakthrough for Takida and it has currently remained for 83 weeks on the general albums chart in Sweden and for over 100 weeks on the Hard Rock charts, many of those weeks in pole position. The album was nominated for two Swedish Grammy awards and a Sundsvall Music Award. They won best hard rock album of the year at the Bandit Rock Awards and “Bästa Utomsocknes” at Sundsvall Music Awards. Both the album Bury The Lies and it’s second single Curly Sue went platinum in Sweden. The third single from the album is Handlake Village Won the award “Swedish Group of the Year” at Rockbjörnen 2008. The band starting writing material for a third album in April 2008 and they also started considering an international release, to be started in remaining Scandinavia and Germany. The first single off of the album called A Darker Instinct As You Die was released to Swedish radio stations on June 12th 2009. The album is due August-September. Takida is to embark on their first international concerts in the summer of 2008, starting off with two concerts in Germany. Their third album The Darker Instinct was released September 2 2009 and with it their second single off the album, The Things We Owe which turned out to be their largest hit since Curly Sue. A video was released to accompany the single.
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