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Walk off the Earth is a Canadian indie band formed in Burlington, Ontario. Founded in 2006, the video of their cover of Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know became rapidly popular on Youtube, and received positive responses from both Gotye and his co-singer on the song, Kimbra. The video was performed by five musicians on a single guitar.
They claimed they all used the same guitar because they only had one guitar at the time. The imaginative and inspired concoction that is Walk off the Earth was created when the lead innovator and creator of G-Spot Tornado — Gianni (under Slapdash Records) and the lead guitarist and co-writer from PinkBelly — Marshall, got together with the drummer, also from P.B. – Pete, to write in a completely free and wild environment where nothing matters but the backbone and soul of the music. The boys are playing shows all over Canada and Northern US – hailing from the musical mecca that is Burlington, Ontario. As well as musicians, they’re promoters – putting on their own successful shows in various cities; record company owners; producers – they recorded their CD at HotBox studios (The Stoodz) owned and operated by Gianni Luminati, corporate gurus during the day and last but not least just plain good dudes.
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