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Caesars is a Swedish indie rock band. In their native Sweden, the band was originally known as Caesars Palace, and in the rest of Scandinavia they are known as Twelve Caesars. Elsewhere they go by the name Caesars.
Outside of Sweden, they may be best known for the song "Jerk It Out", which was originally featured in the snowboarding video Afterbang in 2002, as well as the Electronic Arts video games SSX 3 and FIFA Football 2004, and on the PlayStation 2 game LMA Manager 2005. The song also appeared in the Wii game "Just Dance" and Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova. It has also been the backdrop of television advertisements for brands such as iPod (2005) and Renault (2009). The song is featured on the band's 39 Minutes of Bliss (In an Otherwise Meaningless World), Paper Tigers, and Love For The Streets albums. They have won Swedish Grammy Awards for best album and best new artist. Their song «We Got to Leave» is the theme music to the television series Confessions of a Matchmaker. The song also appears in many movies such as John Tucker Must Die and The Benchwarmers .
The album Strawberry Weed was released in Scandinavia on 5 March 2008. The 24-track long double album was produced by Ebbot Lundberg from Soundtrack Of Our Lives. A significant difference from previous albums is that guitarist Joakim Åhlund and drummer Nino Keller share vocal duty with César Vidal.
Band member Joakim Åhlund is also a founding member of the Teddybears.
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